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When you’re new to the idea of promoting your business on social media, understanding the different types of content, and when and how often to post, is completely overwhelming.

Even if you’re a seasoned serviced-based business owner implementing your own marketing strategy, you could be missing out on the best results. Most failures spring from

  1. Not posting enough
  2. Posting too sporadically
  3. Not having content that is aligned or tells a story, or…
  4. Posting content that is too promotional – all the time

That usually happens when people tackle their social media content “when they have time. “ The problem is that they never have time! We all know how life gets in the way.

Planning and preparation is the key.

The trick to creating less overwhelm and more consistency is to map out and create your high-level marketing content in advance. Planning will keep you on track and give you plenty of time to concentrate on what you really want to say.

All it takes is one day of focus and you can have:

  1. ✔️ 12 x blog outlines to focus on writing
  2. ✔️12 x quotes
  3. ✔️12 x scripts for snackable videos
  4. ✔️12 x tips
  5. ✔️12 x FAQs answered by graphic or video
  6. ✔️12 x pieces of shared content with your two cents
  7. ✔️12 x occasions (new year, valentines, easter, EOFY, Christmas, RUOK day etc)
  8. ✔️12 x  testimonials or client stories
  9. ✔️12 x poll questions or questions
  10. ✔️12 x posts for your lead magnet
  11. ✔️12 x questions for conversation starters
  12. ✔️12 x promotional posts for your product/s or service
  13. ✔️12 x documents

= 156 pieces of content / 13 posts per month / 3 posts per week

The benefits of planning.

Think about how you feel when you realise you need to post on social media or create a blog post like this one. You sit there and scratch your head while you try to think of something interesting, relevant or fun to share. When nothing comes to mind, you might end up doing nothing. There goes another day when your followers don’t hear from you.

When you plan ahead, you can be strategic with what you want to share. Your posts are thought out and have an end goal in mind. Whatever you share fits in with your overall marketing plan.

The more regular and interesting your posts are, the more engagement you build with clients and potential clients. Imagine how often a really useful post might be shared by your followers!

A great time-saving tip is to schedule your blogs and posts in advance. Then anything else you post throughout the year is a bonus!

The trick is, is to just get started. From there you can only test, learn and get better at it.

Success comes from being organised – consistent content, clear purpose and presented via different formats or platforms.

Let me make it easy for you with a free download.

Not sure where to start with your content planning?

Get started on your journey to mapping out the pieces of content you want to share on which day and when. Access our calendar below.

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With this map and just a few hours of concentration, and you will have a content calendar map that keeps your posts on track, on brand and on time.

Need someone to help you stay focused? If you would like help to map out your content in one day, feel free to reach out and get in touch![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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