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    Career Creators – Sally Watson

    Career Creators – Sally Watson

    I loved working with Katie to create our new website after our rebrand. She takes a really collaborative approach and is a great educator of everything websites and marketing. I loved that Katie took the time to really understand my business and our needs at the start and the completion finished with training so I know how to make updates and navigate the backend myself. 5 out of 5 for Absolute Web Design.

    Sally Watson – Career Creators

    After a business name change and rebrand, Sally and her team came to us looking for help to bring their new name and branding to life online.

    Some of the inclusions as part of this successful website design included;

    Website strategy pre consult to map out their new website to achieve their goals

    Full handover of their website to the entire team

    Easy to use page templates throughout the site so they can ensure the style stays the same

    Our favourite part about launching this website was seeing the results of everyone’s hard work come together, and the immediate effect it had on bringing in leads and business. These are just a few of the results the Career Creators website achieved within five days of launch:

    Eight masterclass registrations overnight.

    Sixteen online form actions within four days out of 29 new visitors to the website. That's a massive 55.1% conversion rate! (the average for a website is 1-5%).

    An average of 2.39 minutes looking around the website (a good average time for a website is 52 seconds)

    Do these results sound like something you would like for your business? 

    Whether you are a new business, looking to redesign your website or want a website that converts to leads or sales, feel free to reach out. We can help you with a customer-focused website design and results orientated marketing that converts into leads and sales for your business. 


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