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    Website Review

    So. You've got yourself a website, it's getting traffic but not converting to leads or sales? We can help. Here's how!

    When it comes to

    enhancing growing

    your online presence your website is your most powerful asset and online marketing tool so it makes sense to ensure it’s working effectively.

    It’s a huge job building a website and whether you’ve built it yourself or have had someone else do it for you recently or in the past if it’s not converting, there’s something wrong.

    Perhaps you’re looking at revamping your website or ramping up your online presence the first step we highly recommend you do is to make sure your website is performing at it’s best.

    Here’s where we can help.

    Having worked with many clients and on many web sites, over the years the one thing that stands out is that a pretty site doesn’t necessarily mean conversion. We’ve worked on our craft for many years to bring all elements in business together from sales to marketing right down to how a customer uses a site. And it’s with this experience we can help give you an external view of your site so you can make sure your biggest marketing asset is being utilised to its full potential.

    What you get

    We’re here to help you.

    Our website review is a very thorough one-off, no-obligation service aimed to give you peace of mind knowing your site has been checked by an experienced website designer with a keen eye for marketing. Our report is very detailed so you can get to work right away. Keep reading to see what the review includes and how it works.

    Along with a 1-hour meeting at the end to work through your report, we start off by backing up and updating your website for security purposes. We then run a few tests on your website looking at the back end. It’s important to make sure it’s optimised and ready to step up to start working for you. Don’t have a WordPress site? No worries! There are still lots of things we look at when it comes to WIX, Shopify and Squarespace so don’t worry the report is jam-packed full of things you can implement into your site.


    • WordPress settings: Have all the boxes for set up been ticked? Set up matters.
    • Plugins: Do you have conflicting plugins, slow or old plugins that could be slowing your site down?
    • Google integration: Has your Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration been set up correctly or at all?
    • Crawling issues: Are there things that are stopping Google and other search engines from crawling your site?
    • SEO: Have the basic SEO settings been set up?
    • Speed: Speed is really important when it comes to keeping a user on your site. It also affects how it ranks in Google. If you use WordPress here we look at how you can improve the speed on your site.
    • Backup/security: If you use WordPress, is your site safe from attacks and fully backed up in case the worst should happen?

    Marketing approach

    • Design, layout and functionality for the user
    • Metrics (performance and conversions)
      • What do they look like and what does it mean for you. This will uncover the details of where you need to focus first.
    • Navigation – Mapping the journey through your site​
    • Messaging
      • Does your message resonate with the buyer?​
      • Is it strong enough to convert?​
      • Does it align with your customer and brand?​
    • Marketing Strategy and tactics ​
      • Do you have a process for capturing and nurturing potential customers? ​
      • How do you keep customers and their friends coming back for more?​
      • What are you doing to drive traffic to your website? ​

    How the review works

    It’s easy, stress-free and there’s no obligation what so ever to work with us to enhance your site. It’s all about gaining a fresh set of eyes and insights.

    First Step


    Purchase your website review here using PayPal, Direct Deposit or Stripe. You'll receive an automated email with a list of everything you need to provide us with to complete the review.

    Second Step


    We review your site within 7 working days and deliver a ready to action report detailing things you can do to enhance your website along with an estimate for us to support you.

    Third Step


    We will arrange a 30-60 minute meeting with you to discuss the report and answer any questions you might have. Here we can talk about additional support if you need it moving forward.

    Are you ready to enhance grow
    your webite?


    I've been working with Katie since 2021 as my virtual Chief Marketing Officer looking after my brand, website, and packaging of my new educational services. In that time I have found her to be incredibly easy to work with; self-starter, takes responsibility, actions without unnecessary follow-up, anticipates my needs and challenges me, recognises that I am busy as all hell and so she makes sure she gets feedback so I don't become the roadblock. When she wants input, she provides worked solutions to choose from and a recommendation as opposed to a question that will delay progress. She is only interested in the right outcome for me, rather than being wedded to only her favourite idea. If she comes across a problem, she solves it. If I come across a problem, she solves. If I'm snowed under, she just pitches in and helps out. Impressed? Totally! Looking forward to working with her more? Absolutely! Did she pay me for this recommendation? Nuh Uh! I'd willingly tell anyone. She is dependable, reliable, accessible, conscientious, and creative.

    John Downes

    Working with Katie was super easy! I contacted her and gave her a very unrealistic deadline of having a website live in just over a week and she made it happen! The whole process from the discovery call to the handover of the website was so amazingly easy - Katie's communication was amazing, I loved the suggestions that she put forward and, most importantly, I love my new website! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katie to anybody.

    Katie Hokin Owner

    Katie has supported and guided us now for going on 6 years, from multiple website designs, member sites, social media assistance, guidance on business marketing, emails and so much more she's truly helped us and gone above and beyond, which we are extremely grateful. Katie has always explained and educated me in easy to understand terms on all aspects our sites and with her being in small business, she gets small business and with her open and honest approach you can truly trust her and her process she will develop for you as she wants the best for your business too. I highly recommend Katie and her guidance to assist any existing or new business development to get you started on the right foot with the right tools you need.

    Jane Garner Business Owner


    My greatest joys in working with business owners is seeing the results, watching them grow and the success we achieve together. I want what you want. Results and greater success for your business, so you keep coming back for more!

    Are you ready to enhance grow
    your webite?