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    WordPress website management and maintenance

    We take away the hassle of maintaining your website—so it is always fresh and secure

    WordPress website management for every type of business.

    Your website is your most powerful online marketing asset, so it makes sense to ensure it is working optimally. Your website should never be left alone and top priority goes to keeping your most powerful asset safe.

    We know that it can be exciting and overwhelming when you finish your website. It’s like having the keys to a Maserati, but not having any idea how to drive it.


    We can help.


    We have assisted businesses to create, enhance and grow their WordPress websites for several years, so managing what’s under the hood is nothing new to us. With a spare key in hand, we can help you drive your website forward and keep it safe and sound. Our WordPress website support packages let you focus on your business growth while we take care of the technical side of things.

    All maintenance package inclusions

    WordPress core update

    Keeping the WordPress CMS updated is critical to the security of your website. Remember that updates should be timed correctly to avoid clashes with plugins and your theme.


    Like the core running system, it’s essential to keep plugins updated to ensure security is watertight. We look after the regular updates needed to keep your site safe and secure.


    As the core running system and plugins are updated, your theme will also need to be adjusted to run effectively.


    Backups of your entire website are made as per your plan and sent to remote storage for added peace of mind.

    Additional security

    It is paramount to make sure that your data is safe. We make it harder for sneaky hackers to cause havoc by giving your site as many locks as possible.

    Marketing advice to drive traffic to your website

    Don’t worry—we’re not about to fill your inbox with sales spam. But we may invite you to useful workshops. We share valuable, actionable content you can add to your marketing strategy.

    • Our Mission
    • Our Mission

    Our mission is to help you amplify and grow on your business.

    Here’s how!

    We provide affordable support without jargon or lengthy turnaround time.

    We make sure you stand out from the crowd, so your customers keep coming back for more.

    We help you to grow your business, so you have more time to do the work you love doing.

    We work with you to implement ideas that are proven to grow your business.

    We remove the overwhelm and confusion when it comes to your website and online marketing.

    Maintenance packages

    • Create Maintenance
    • AUD $85 /Month (+ gst)
      • Monthly backups and updates
      • Up to three small changes per month. Great for blogging.

      Get two months free when paid 12 months in advance. Value $170 + gst

    Most popular
    • Enhance Maintenance
    • AUD $135 /Month (+ gst)
      • Monthly backups and updates
      • Up to 5 changes per month.
      • Image optimisation

      Get two months free when paid 12 months in advance. Value $270 + gst

    • Grow Maintenance
    • AUD $247 /Month (+ gst)
      • Fortnightly backups and maintenance
      • Image optimisation
      • Monthly broken link scanning
      • Set up and monthly report for Google Analytics
      • 12-months access to the premium version of Wordfence for extra scanning and security
      • Up to 7 changes per month including adding blogs, updating content, or creating new pages.

      Get two months free and a complete website review when 12 months paid for upfront. Value $894 + gst

    How it works

    It’s an easy and stress-free process—and you can get support when you need it.

    First step


    Click on your preferred support option. You will need to provide us with your contact details so we can send you an email with our service agreement and what information we will need to move forward.

    Second step


    While you are gathering everything we need, we will send you an invoice for your first monthly instalment, so we can get onto maintaining your website straight away.

    Third step

    Set and forget

    We will make sure that your website is maintained and supported as you focus on growing your business.

    We are proud to work with our clients

    These are just some of the clients we have supported—and some we still support—during the last 11 years.


    I've been working with Katie since 2021 as my virtual Chief Marketing Officer looking after my brand, website, and packaging of my new educational services. In that time I have found her to be incredibly easy to work with; self-starter, takes responsibility, actions without unnecessary follow-up, anticipates my needs and challenges me, recognises that I am busy as all hell and so she makes sure she gets feedback so I don't become the roadblock. When she wants input, she provides worked solutions to choose from and a recommendation as opposed to a question that will delay progress. She is only interested in the right outcome for me, rather than being wedded to only her favourite idea. If she comes across a problem, she solves it. If I come across a problem, she solves. If I'm snowed under, she just pitches in and helps out. Impressed? Totally! Looking forward to working with her more? Absolutely! Did she pay me for this recommendation? Nuh Uh! I'd willingly tell anyone. She is dependable, reliable, accessible, conscientious, and creative.

    John Downes

    Working with Katie was super easy! I contacted her and gave her a very unrealistic deadline of having a website live in just over a week and she made it happen! The whole process from the discovery call to the handover of the website was so amazingly easy - Katie's communication was amazing, I loved the suggestions that she put forward and, most importantly, I love my new website! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katie to anybody.

    Katie Hokin Owner

    Katie has supported and guided us now for going on 6 years, from multiple website designs, member sites, social media assistance, guidance on business marketing, emails and so much more she's truly helped us and gone above and beyond, which we are extremely grateful. Katie has always explained and educated me in easy to understand terms on all aspects our sites and with her being in small business, she gets small business and with her open and honest approach you can truly trust her and her process she will develop for you as she wants the best for your business too. I highly recommend Katie and her guidance to assist any existing or new business development to get you started on the right foot with the right tools you need.

    Jane Garner Business Owner


    Our greatest joy is seeing our clients achieve results, by helping them to grow.

    Create Enhance Grow
    your online presence with us.