[vc_row full_screen_section_height=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]While it’s important not to obsess over what your competitors are and are not doing online, it’s important to always be ahead and find ways to ensure your business stands out.

We work with various businesses in many industries online and one of the strategies we look at is how we can be better with our online presence compared to our competitors. 

Listed below are some very common areas we see businesses missing out on when it comes to creating, enhancing and growing their online presence. You will find tips for turning each of these areas into your business strengths.

Building online credibility with testimonials and referrals

Whether you are a service provider or sell a product, referrals and testimonials are the easiest way to win new customers or clients. When you master this strategy the sky is your limit. In most cases, it all starts with asking…


Referrals can give you an easy win. The prospect has already heard great things about your business from the referee and in most cases, is ready to buy. You can capitalise on that by ensuring they have the best experience with your business from the start.  

How do you get referrals? Just ask. I know asking for a referral from a customer or client doesn’t come easy for a lot of small business owners, however it’s one thing many of your competitors aren’t doing. Word of mouth is priceless, so be brave and ask your clients for referrals.

Some ideas to make asking for a referral easier for you and that you can incorporate into your customer journey are;


If testimonials and reviews are not currently part of your marketing strategy; they should be. And here’s why!

How can you get more testimonials? Discover how in this article about how to get five-star reviews in 3 easy steps.

Follow through leads with various touchpoints

Gaining leads is hard work and for some, it can be a very costly exercise. So, when you get some engagement with your post or your business, follow it through. Then you have a higher chance of turning them from a cold lead to a warm one.

There are a lot of small businesses we see missing out on these opportunities to connect with their customers as part of their buying journey.

Respond on social media.

People spend a lot of time on social media these days and it’s becoming quite common for potential clients to contact businesses by posting, asking a question or even by sending a private message. Have you ever done that? How long did you have to wait for a reply?

Too many businesses simply schedule their posts and don’t bother to monitor their pages. They don’t see their customers reaching out so they can’t give them what they want.

If you’re going to have social media pages, make sure you are present. This is an ideal opportunity to build a community and create relationships with your followers. When you take the time to answer or at least acknowledge the comments, you show you really care about what your customers’ needs are. You don’t have to spend all day on social media but make sure you check the page every day.

Standing out from your competitor online is more than just your content strategy and requires some work from you to really stand out and shine. 

If you would like some help to incorporate these tips and more into your online marketing, feel free to get in touch. Our team of online marketing specialists will ensure you are enhancing and growing your online presence in no time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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