[vc_row full_screen_section_height=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]The New Year has arrived with brand new inspiration for your personal and business goals. Now is the time to make it count and embed some into your business plan for an active and productive year. Actioning change is fundamental to capturing new business, and that all starts with the best marketing asset you have – your website. Take a good look at your website’s impact on your audience and use this advantage to convert clicks into a profitable business. A thorough website review and refresh will absolutely make the most of your New Year motivation and remake last year’s website into this year’s powerful generator for new business.

Let’s start with a bang – here are six things we recommend to look at now to set your website up for success in 2022.

1. Align Content with Your New Year Goals

Your website should communicate effectively and powerfully, and you can make a point of positioning your business to gain targeted leads. Do this by reviewing your website copy now! Especially If it’s been more than 12 months, redundant information doesn’t reflect well on your attention to detail and can endlessly frustrate customers. Do your marketing references no longer exist? Is your offered solution hard to find? Does your content need a serious update because of business growth? Remedy these issues and reap the rewards for the rest of the year.

2. Check Your Running System!

Nothing causes your customers to disappear more quickly than a clunky and vulnerable website. Platforms like Shopify, Wix and Squarespace are usually auto-monitored by developers whose job is to update code. Still, if you have chosen WordPress format it’s a different story.

WordPress websites should be updated every four to six weeks at the very least, even if it’s only to maximise speed. Overlooking security measures and expired plugins can be super risky and could make your website vulnerable and open to hackers.

Each platform has its pro’s and con’s, so feel free to reach out if you need some help to decide which one is best for your business.

3. Optimise Your Site.

A responsive, fast website with clearly organised information can only enhance and assist in converting a customer’s experience.

Online business is proven to be successful when your site visitors engage for longer than the standard eleven seconds, an alarming stat for any marketer. Meet demand by adapting your site responsively to any device, mobile, laptop or tablet; a website builder that allows a site preview should be your first choice.

Research by Grafiti9 shows that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a negative experience. Furthermore, 39% of people will also cease to engage when images are slow to load or connection is poor, so beat the odds and cover all bases.

4. A Lead Generator Exists to Exploit!

Your contact form has high value and is the quickest, easiest way to connect meaningfully with your prospects. Mine the gold! Is the form clear and easy to find? Is it working or does it need to be tested? Action creates action and an inviting, efficient contact form is one of the best ways to generate a responsive email list.

Think about other ways in which your website can gain leads.

Offering free resources will really make a difference to your prospect’s knowledge base, and add value to their level of engagement. Utilise access to evergreen webinars, or create challenges in exchange for email addresses. These are all excellent methods to not only expand your database reach but also helps site visitors understand and access your business offerings more efficiently.

5. Look at Automation to Extend User Experience.

Automation is a great tool so use it well! When you want your prospect to engage with your business during their customer journey, an automated email positions your offer at the outset. Precious time can be lost while a customer waits to be contacted and it’s possible they could move on. Even after an order is submitted, automated emails ensure the customer feels noticed and appreciated. Humanise your website so the user experience is a pleasant, secure and easy experience. Remember, SEO success relies on a lingering customer and plenty of clicks – an essential element for working with those ever-changing Google algorithms.

6. Get your clients and prospects to choose you. Again and again.

When you build credibility, elevate your profile and add value, your prospects will always return to your site as their first choice. Exploit their positive recall by posting relevant and interesting blogs, new and valuable resources and webinars that guarantee paths to lead generation. An excellent business goal is to recognise that your customer’s journey is an accessible cycle. Transform it into one that compels them to return to you – and only you every time.

If you would like Absolute Web Design to integrate some of these marketing tactics into your website and set it up for success in 2022, just reach out and get in touch. We help you create or enhance your plan and implement it so your visitors, prospects and customers keep coming back for more![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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